What is the MADworkshop ?

       While the Primary focus of our shop is the customization, design and printing of T-shirts and apparel; we just do more.

More, by meaning, in the pursuit of art, and artist endeavors. Sometimes these projects just are meticulously planned and yet most of them are spontaneously transmuted inspirations from the universe at large. 

        Our "Mission" is to discover the art and beauty of being mindful in everything we do, and the objects we can create. Ask yourself; are not the things created everyday a work of art? If it comes from a place of willful intent and manifested from pure inspiration, and does no harm, is that not an expression of beauty. Art by its very meaning is something produced primarily for the appreciation of its power to produce emotion through visual representation. 

        The Madworkshop is also in the business of promotions and sales of other like minded artist, and are influenced by their spirit. We believe that it is within the literal heart of all individuals that the 'soul-spirit' is guided, and is a vision of our authentic selves. All art is a mirror reflection of this philosophy and thus an outlet form of expressing our true nature.

        We also believe that art is not limited by any medium and can be seen in the simplest of objects or forms. Earrings, jewelry, bracelets and anklets can possess the same artist expression as a painting, photograph, well crafted woodwork, pottery, landscape, autos or even a carefully designed T-shirt. 

Please take time to visit our gallery.